Product Variations

Home Domination consists of a basic edition and add-ons. Don't let the word "basic" fool you. The basic edition is very powerful. You can create very powerful macros, create a log file showing activity in your house, and easily monitor and control your whole house from one computer.  You can even have it monitor your email for commands which you can send from anywhere in the world.  

The Add-On features considerably extend the functionality of Home Domination.  If you have a video camera that can connect to the USB port, then you would want to get the Video Add-On. If you want to monitor and control your house in real time from any computer in your house, or anywhere in the world for that matter, you would want to get the Network Client Add-On.  If you have a house complete with low voltage wiring that is wired to a central location and want to control it with an I/O board, then you would want to get the Low Voltage Wiring Add-On.

Add-On Features

You have the option to purchase as many video sources as you would like.   You can view two video sources at once from the main console, or you can display each video source in its own window so you can view as many at one time as will fit on your screen.  You can view still pictures from the network client module and you can snap still pictures or video clips via macros, the main screen, or from the network client add-in module.  All still photos or video clips are stored on the hard drive for later access, and you can set up automatic cleanup so they don't use too much space.

The network client add-on consists of a network client that can be installed on as many computers as you like.  You pay for concurrent users that are allowed.  This provides nearly full control of your home, but there is tight security as well so that only you or those you entrust can play.  You can use this to access it from another room in your house, or all the way from China!

If you're building a new home, low voltage wiring is the way to go for very responsive and reliable home automation.  By running low voltage wiring from your lights and sensors to a central source, you can monitor and control your low voltage wiring from Home Domination by using a digital IO board.  You can even use X10 signals to control your low voltage outputs or use low voltage inputs to control your X10 devices!