Ancient History

3/28/05 - Sorry for the lack of activity lately, although I have been busy.  There have been very few problems reported lately, so I decided it's probably about time to end the beta and try to get some money rolling in.  That doesn't mean that development will stop.  In fact it should increase now that I don't have to spend my time figuring out the e-commerce stuff.  I probably won't be changing the release build as often however, but anyone is welcome to try the beta or alpha versions that are available on the download page.  There's always a chance that bugs could crop up with new features, so just check the release notes to see if what is added is worth that risk.  You can always go back to the release version if there are problems, however.

I have just a few more ducks to get in a row before I release the program.  When that's done, the buy now page will actually let you purchase the program, rather than telling you to buy later.  You'll be able to pick and choose individual features, or choose a heavily discounted package and add features to that. It should allow you to get exactly what you want and you only pay for the features you need.

2/23/05 - There was a problem with activity triggers.  Build 133 now solves this.  A copy button was also added to macro list window, so now you can copy and change another macro that's similar rather than starting from scratch.  The copy will have "Copy of " followed by the original macro name, and it will make sure that the copy is disabled so you don't get a lot of duplicate activity happening.  You'll need to remember to enable it again after you make your changes.  I had some problems with my processes that rotate through the builds, so now the release, beta and alpha versions are all at build 133.  It should a fairly stable build however since all changes from the previous builds were relatively minor. 

2/13/05 - Build 130 was upgraded to the release version, build 131 upgraded to beta, and the alpha version is now build 132.  Check the release notes for build 130.  The release notes for build 131 and 132 are at the bottom of the download page.

2/6/05 - Upgraded build 130 to beta and added build 131 as an alpha version.  Check the bottom of the download page for more information about what's changed. 

2/2/05 - The download page can now also be used to get the latest beta or alpha version of the program, and build 130 is now available as alpha.  Alpha means that the program hasn't undergone much testing, so while some bugs will be fixed or features added, new bugs may also have been introduced.  Beta means that the program has been tested and we're reasonably sure that it's better than the current release version, but it is fairly new, and there may be unknown problems yet.  The release version could have problems too, but generally they are not severe.

1/26/05 - Build 129 is now available for the masses.  Several things were fixed in build 129.  There is code to retry in case there is an error communicating with the CM11A, although it was possible it could get stuck. The retry code wasn't working as intended. It seems to be working properly now. There was another problem that looked just like this one. If you clicked the Send X10 Code button, this wouldn't work at all and would forever retry.  That's fixed now too.

There was another problem where it wouldn't work to send All Lights On, All Lights Off or All Units Off when the unit code was set to All On/Off. The problem has been corrected, but you'll need to delete the CM11A device and re-add it to fix this one. Don't forget to save your control file after you do this, or you'll have to repeat this process the next time you load it. Deleting the CM11A device and readding it won't affect any of the sensors or switches you have in your control file as long as you name the device the same (probably Device 1 unless you renamed it).

I also fixed a problem where it was possible some files with names like {0BAA2180-8E5A-44BD-8449-3E48165952DA}.txt could accumulate. That's fixed as well.

And finally, I updated the help for editing the sensor and switch settings. There's still a fair amount of help left to be done (especially for Device Setup), but it's coming!

1/22/05 - Another note about build 128: It turns out that the auto update will not work for updating build 127 and below to build 128.  So make sure to install it from the download page.  The auto update should work again for updating from build 128 to future versions. 

1/22/05 - The long awaited build 128 is finally available!!!  This build has a lot of bug fixes, but the main reason it took so long to get it out the door was because there was a bit of a redesign internally.  When Home Domination (TM) was first being created, it was never intended to be for sale, and it was made to use the CM11A.  Since then, the CM11A has become obsolete, and there are numerous hardware devices out there that could be used instead.  However, the way the CM11A was supported by HD, it wasn't an option to do without it.  Starting with build 128, the CM11A is just another device and you can choose to use it or something else.  Currently, your only choice for X10 control is the CM11A, however, work will being on the CM15A shortly. 

For all of you who are patiently waiting for the CM15A support, I want to apologize if I made it seem like this would be coming really soon (back in the beginning of December).  I really didn't expect this phase of the process to take so long.  This change really needed to be done first though.  I do plan on working on the CM15A support in earnest now, however if any serious bugs are found, they will be the top priority.  Theoretically, at least, this change should also make it much easier to add support for any interface.  I'm sure it will prove to be not that easy anyway, since everything else that I thought would be fairly easy has proven me wrong.  That seems to be the nature of programming.  Everything always takes longer than you think it will.

When you first run build 128, it will ask you to set up an interface device.  Since it defaults to the CM11A, you can just hit OK and it should start working for you.  You will need to save your control file before you exit the program though or it will display the same window the next time you start up.  Feel free to mess around with this window even though all you have to do is hit OK.  The online help has not been updated yet, however, so hopefully you can figure it out without it.  Please email if you need any help.  As always, please report all bugs you find, even if you think someone else surely must have reported it.  It's fairly often that a serious bug will only be reported by one person, probably because everyone else assumes that someone else will report it.

I've changed the auto update, especially for alpha and beta testers, so you can choose the version you want to install.  Previously, whether you were a beta tester or not, you got the same version if you did an auto update.  Now, if you are an alpha tester, you will be able to choose between an alpha version, beta version or the release version.  Beta testers will be able to choose between the beta version and the release version.  People who are not signed up as an alpha or beta tester won't have a choice, they'll just get the release version.  This will allow me to put the more risky available as an alpha version first.  Once I'm reasonably sure that it's safe, I'll move it over to the beta version.  When I'm quite sure that's more stable than the previous release version, I'll move that to the release version.  If you install the beta version, and it's not stable enough for you, you can just do the auto update again and choose the release version.  It's possible you may see some builds being skipped since any unstable builds will not show up anymore.  The log file will still show the details of each build, however.  Currently, the alpha, beta and release builds are all the same.

Once you save your control file with build 128, the control file will no longer be compatible with build 127 and below, however it will automatically save a backup copy of your file with the same name as the original except with an extension of .127.

If any of you used the U401/U421 devices prior to build 128, you will need to delete the device and then re-add it because of some changes I've made.  You may also need to change any sensors and switches that use these to make sure they are using the correct device.  Then save your control file.

The changes made between 127 and 128 were very large, however I've done a lot of testing with this, and I feel pretty confident about it.  There's always a possibility something could go wrong though, so if you do run into any problems, please email.  If you install from the web, make sure you let it create a backup copy for you, just in case.  If you use the auto update feature, it will backup your files in the "Backup" directory automatically.

1/08/05 - NOTE:  There are two potentially really annoying problems in Build 127 that you should be aware of.  One of them is that if you change the program and exit without saving, it will ask you if you want to save, but then it will ignore you.  A work around is to click Save from the Setup dialog.  This is fixed in Build 128, although it's not ready to release yet (lots of internal changes to test yet).  Another problem is that if you have a macro set up to turn a light off 5 minutes after trigger inactivity, it turns it off after 5 minutes regardless of how much trigger activity there was.  This is also fixed in build 128.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I'm itching to get build 128 out the door too, but there's a lot of potential errors if I rush it out the door.  So wait patiently and try to avoid these problems if you can!

By the way, there was a problem with the buttons on the web site when using certain browsers, and that should be fixed now.  Please email if you notice any problems yet, and please let me know what type of web browser you're using.

12/14/04 - I fixed several minor problems in this build, and I'm finally about to mess up my code, possibly making it difficult to do another build for a while, so I figured I'd better push out another release.  I also changed the auto update feature so it now only downloads the files that changed.  Before that, it was downloading everything.  So it should download a little faster now.  If you notice any problems with the latest build, let me know right away before I screw things up too badly to make another build!

12/10/04 - It turns out the last version did have some compensation for collisions yet, however I think with build 126, this works much better.  It seems quite reliable now.  If there is a collision because of a sensor sending a code when Home Domination is sending a code, there will be an extra delay, but it does seem to get through pretty reliably now.  Besides this change, I've also added some more graphics to the program, so it has a little friendlier face now.  If you click on a Home Domination logo, it will bring up this web site too.  The install has been changed so now you can choose to start up Home Domination immediately after the install completes.  I also solved a problem with the network client install so now it will put it in the startup group if you want it to.

12/04/04 - The last version I put out had a fix to improve the reliability, but unfortunately, it seemed to have the opposite effect.  The switching was more reliable, however many of the incoming codes were getting missed.  I fixed the problem with the incoming codes, but then it wasn't sending codes at all.  For now, in the interest of getting everyone running reliably, I've backed out my changes.  It's not as tolerant against collisions as I had hoped to make it, however at least it works fairly reliably.  I'll fix this and put out another version soon.

11/30/04 - Since the last release, the demo dialog was changed so it doesn't show the code field unless it's needed, but there's a button that will show it anyway.  Also, some icons were added to the selection window for triggers and actions (for macros).  And I fixed a problem with command emails where depending on how an email was sent, it may not have sent a reply email.  But the really big thing fixed in this build is a reliability issue.  Previously, if an X10 command was on the wire at the time an X10 command was sent, it would collide and there would be a communication problem.  However, now that situation is detected, a warning message is added to the log, and it will put the switching action back in the queue to be tried again about 5 - 7 seconds later (or longer if there are multiple switching actions in the queue).  As a result, there should be very few missed switching actions now.  It's still possible, but not nearly as likely. 

11/24/04 - Numerous fixes were made in build 123.  Most of them were quite minor, but a few could have been rather annoying.  Check the release notes for details.

11/19/04 - Fixed a few minor problems, two of which were caused by the recent log file changes.  The filter check box stopped working after the log file changes, and when an email command is received, it incorrectly logged it as an error.  I also fixed a problem with email commands where just the X10 code is used in the command (for example:  Set A9 on.)  There was also problem with the network client install that was fixed where it wouldn't put the program in the startup group if requested.

I just received my new CM15A (the module for the new ActiveHome Pro software) and downloaded the SDK, so I have officially begun work on adding the CM15A support to Home Domination.  This may take a while though because I need to change the way I support the CM11A as part of this change.  Hopefully it will go more quickly than expected, but generally everything usually takes about 4 times longer than expected.  Stay tuned for updates . . .

11/16/04 - Several changes were made to the new icons to improve the look and usefulness of them.  For log messages for sensors and switches, the icons now also reflect whether an on or off code was sent.  Many new log messages were added as well.  In the near future, you will be able to prevent certain types of messages from appearing in the log.

11/14/04 - Getting a little graphical now!  Icons were added to the sensor and switch list, and the activity log.  The activity log was changed to be more streamlined as well.  That was a bigger project than anticipated, and it's possible that there may be some problems with some of the more obscure log messages.  If you notice any problems with it, please email right away.  So far though it looks like it's working just fine.  Another nifty feature was added where it will log temperature changes.  You can set how often it logs changes by setting the number of degrees that it must change before it is logged. 

11/02/04 - There was a problem with the auto update feature, so you should probably go to the download page and run the install.  After upgrading to build 119, the auto update should work better than ever.  A lot of little problems related to temperature sensors were solved too.

10/25/04 - The support for USBmicro devices is now quite stable.  There are still several usability issues yet, but it's functional now.  It also supports two types of temperature sensors: DS18S20 and DS18B20.  This are very nice compact sensors that work very well.  

The help for the U401/U421 and the temperature sensors is not done yet, but if anyone is interested in either one of these, please email.  I'd be more than happy to fill you in on all the details or help you get it working.

10/15/04 - There was a problem with the IO Device that would cause the USBmicro devices to not function.  That's been corrected along with numerous problems that could cause the program to crash.  The IO Device is still in an alpha state since there is still a potential crash that can happen when adding sensors when editing bits, but it is MUCH better than what it was.  The state of the tree view stays relatively constant as you change items, so it's far less annoying now too.

10/05/04 - USBmicro's U401 and U421 devices are now supported.  This is still in an "alpha" state however, which means that the user interface isn't quite what I have planned yet, and there are some known bugs with it yet.  But it is functional.  If you want to use this, check out, or order it from  It also supports the DS18S20 temperature sensor with the U401 or U421.  You can currently support up to 16 temperature sensors on a U401 or U421 device.

9/15/04 - Sorry for the lack of news lately, but I have been hard at work improving the IO board setup and including support for the USBmicro U401/U421 devices.  It's taking much longer than I'd hoped, but I do believe it will be a very nice addition.  This should also make it so support can be added to Home Domination for a temperature sensor from Dallas Semiconductor.  The temperature sensor can be attached to one of the pins of the U401 or U421 device.  Otherwise, not much has changed with the product lately, but thank you for your patience!  Don't worry, I'll get back to pumping out releases fast and furiously once I get past this big change.

8/23/04 - Video snapshots can now be stored in separate directories by day, week, month and year.  Also, snapshots can be copied to a limited number static filenames where the first static filename will store the most recent snapshot.  This will make it so you can easily create a web page that shows off your most recent snapshots.  It doesn't automatically transfer those pictures to your web site, but stay tuned...

8/21/04 - If all goes well, there will soon be support for the U401/421 USB I/O Interface from USBmicro.

8/15/04 - A nasty problem with the video was fixed where once it took about 3200 pictures, the program would crash and would sometimes take the rest of the computer with it.  I'm happy to say now it's fixed, and I've tested to make sure it can handle 10,000 pictures without a problem.  The remote network client works properly too.

8/6/04 - There was a problem with installing from the web that is corrected.  I'm writing a program to make updates more automatic and should prevent this from happening again.

8/5/04 - Now time triggers can not only recur hourly, weekly, etc., but they can now recur every n seconds, minutes, or whatever.  This is handy for macros that you want to have repeated frequently.

8/3/04 - Maybe you've been wondering if we would ever set a price for the product.  Now your curiosity can be partially satisfied.  On the newly revamped Buy Now page, there is now a non-functional order form that can give you a rough idea what kind of prices we're thinking about.  These prices may change depending on the responses we receive, however.  But at least you now have an idea what we're shooting for.  A lot of other pages were changed as well, so you may want to have another look around if you haven't in a long time.

8/1/04 - It's BETA!!  Yes, I have now declared it to be an official beta.  It was already pretty much there before, but I've tidied up the last few things that made me think I should wait on the Beta status.  There are a few known bugs yet and a few features I would like to add in before release, but you if you run into anything that doesn't appear to be finished, it's not currently something I know about. 

7/29/04 - Changes were made for X10 video devices for when multiple X10 cameras use the same USB video capture device.  The latest change makes sure that the camera is on before snapping a picture from a macro.  So it should work great now!

7/24/04 - Sorry!  I discovered that one of the things I did a little while ago cause it to blow up if you didn't already have a control file set up. If this ever happens in the future, please let me know right away because I don't get those errors! (7/26/04) I hope I've got it right this time! Build 109 worked but wouldn't let you set up anything. That doesn't do you a lot of good! Build 110 fixes this and I've added a step to my procedure for building new files so now I will check the program every time to make sure you can run the program if you've never ran it before. Sorry for the hassle if you were one of those affected!

7/23/04 - Yikes!  I had a problem with my registration system and it reared its ugly head when downloads started happening more frequently.  As a result, I lost most of the registration info that I've been collecting.  If you've downloaded the demo or are a beta tester, please download the latest version and then go under click the Version Info button on the main screen, then click the Registration button, double check your information and then click the Register button.  Don't be concerned about putting real info there; I won't bother you too much and your info will remain private.

7/08/04 - The online help is completed!  So now you should be able to hit F1 from anywhere in the program and get help.  If you see anything that's not so hot, please email.