Action - Beep

If you don't like it when people sneak up on you when you're working on your computer, you might want to have your computer beep when a sensor on the way to your computer is tripped.  Then you can quick hide behind the door and freak out whoever would have freaked you out had this action not been available!  See the Play Sound action too for another cool way to warn you about your freaky visitors.

Name - This should be a brief description of the action.  This is displayed in the action list so put something here that helps you figure out what this action is for.  It puts a default there for you in case you're not very creative.

Description - If you like to be wordy, this field is where you would put all the nitty-gritty details about the action that you think are important.  This field shows up in the selection list too, but otherwise isn't used.

Beep Type - This is the type of beep that it will do.  You can choose from lots of system beeps.  It's possible that some of these types of beeps will sound the same unless you set them up to be different in the Windows Control Panel under Sounds.

Test Button - If you want to hear what a particular beep will sound like, just choose it in the Beep Type combo box and then click the Test button and it will beep for you with the sound for that type of beep.


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