Action - FTP

This action is used to copy video snapshots or other files to or from a website or anything else that supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Name - This should be a brief description of the action.  This is displayed in the action list so put something here that helps you figure out what this action is for.  It puts a default there for you in case you're not very creative.

Description - If you like to be wordy, this field is where you would put all the nitty-gritty details about the action that you think are important.  This field shows up in the selection list too, but otherwise isn't used.

Copy File To Web Site - This is used to copy a selected file to a web site or other FTP site.

Copy File From Web Site - This is used to copy a selected file from a web site or other FTP site.

Local File Name - This is the file name to use on your local computer.  If "Copy File To Web Site" is chosen, this will be the file that is copied and if "Copy File From Web Site", this is the file that will be copied to.  This is not used if "Copy Latest Video Snapshots" is chosen.

You can click on the "Local File Name:" button to display a browse window.  When this window is closed, the file name chosen will appear in the edit box.

Overwrite if destination file exists - This check box is only used for copying files from a web site.  If this box is checked and the local file already exists, it will overwrite that file with the one that it is copying.  If it's not checked, it will fail if the file already exists.

Copy Latest Video Snapshots - This will automatically copy the latest snapshots from a particular video source.  This copies all the "Static File Names" that are set up for a video source.  If "Static File Names" are not already in use with that video source, it will automatically turn them on.  Click the Video Source button and the Storage button on that screen to modify the quantity and file name format.  "Static File Names" is something where Snapshot0001.jpg would always be the latest snapshot taken, Snapshot0002.jpg would always be the second to last snapshot taken, and so on.  The format of this name and the quantity of these files are set up on the Storage screen of the video source.

Video Source - This is used to select the video source that you want to copy all the static file names for.  The video sources available will be in the list, so select the one to use.  You can click the Video Source button to edit the video source of the one you've chosen.

Generate and Copy a Report to a Web Site - This will automatically generate any report, either pre-defined or custom, and copy it to a web site.  By making a macro that periodically copies these reports to your web site, you can easily check the status or sensors, switches, macros, etc.  If you want to generate and copy more than one type of report, just add another FTP action for each report.

Reports - Select a report to generate and copy to the web site.  When the action is run, it will first generate the report and then copy it to the web site using FTP.  You can click the Reports button to create new customized reports to add to the list, or generate a report so you can see what it will look like.  The Reports button and combo box are grayed out unless the Generate and Copy a Report to a Web Site radio button is selected.

FTP Info:

Address - This is the address of an FTP site.  This is usually how you would update the files used by a web site.  This value can be a numeric value such as or a character based domain name like

Port - This is the port to use.  The standard port for FTP is 21, so if you're in doubt, just leave it at that.

User Name - This is the user name you use to access the FTP site.

Password - Enter the password for your FTP account.

Path -The directory on the FTP site.  The directory uses forward slashes (/) to separate the directories.  / is the root directory.  NOTE:  Paths on FTP sites are usually case sensitive.

File Name - This is the name of the file on the FTP site.  If you're using "Copy Latest Video Snapshots", this field is not used and the same file name as the source file is used for the files.  NOTE:  File names on FTP sites are usually case sensitive.  

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