Action - Video Snapshots

It can be very handy to have a macro snap a picture.  If you have a motion sensor outside your front door and you also have a camera mounted there, then you can create a macro to snap a picture anytime the sensor is tripped.  Then you'll have a record of who came to your front door while you were gone.  You can also store video clips.  Use your imagination and I bet you'll come up with a lot of fun uses for this.

Name - This should be a brief description of the action.  This is displayed in the action list so put something here that helps you figure out what this action is for.  It puts a default there for you in case you're not very creative.

Description - If you like to be wordy, this field is where you would put all the nitty-gritty details about the action that you think are important.  This field shows up in the selection list too, but otherwise isn't used.

Video Source - This is the video source to use when snapping a picture.  If you haven't added the video source yet, you can click the Video Setup button to add (or change) a video source.

Delay - Sometimes you may want to wait a little bit after a motion sensor is tripped, like when the sensor is a little ways away from the camera.  So if this is set to something other than 0, it will wait a bit before snapping the picture or video clip.

Snapshots - This will snap a still picture.  You also have the option to take multiple pictures a certain interval apart.  This gives you some of the advantage of video clips without the large size.

Video Clip - When this is selected, it will record a video clip for the selected duration.  The name of the video clip will be determined by the settings for the video source (see Video Setup).

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