1-Wire Temperature Sensor Settings

1-Wire temperature sensors (DS18S20, DS18B20, and DS1822) can be attached to a USBmicro USB interface device (U401, U421, U421-SC3, or U451).  The data pin of the temperature sensor would be soldered to one of the data lines of the U4x1, U421 or U451, or can be screwed into the terminal block of the U421-SC3 (or soldered into another data pin).  

This window lets you tell the program which data line it is attached to, and lets you set up how the temperature sensor is logged and lets you add a sensor object that can be viewed and used in macros.

For more information about how to install temperature sensors or set them up in Home Domination, visit http://www.homedomination.com/temperature_setup.html.

Device Name - Choose a descriptive name for the temperature that lets you distinguish it from other temperature sensors.

Enabled - If this is enabled, it will monitor the temperature sensor, otherwise it won't.  This can be used if you want to temporarily disable a temperature sensor.

Device - This indicates the USBmicro device to which the temperature sensor is connected.  

Port - The port of the USBmicro device to which the temperature sensor is connected.

Bit - The pin of the USBmicro device to which the temperature sensor is connected.

Update Frequency - This indicates how often the temperature sensor will be checked.  It takes about a second for the temperature sensor to return the temperature after it is prompted to retrieve the temperature, so this can be no more frequent than every 1 second.  

Display Type - This indicates whether it should display the temperature in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.  

Add Sensor - Click this to add a logical sensor that will show up in the sensors tab and which can be used in macros.

Sensor - Click this button to change the properties of a sensor that has already been added.

Serial Number - This is the serial number that you have selected from the Connected 1-Wire Devices list below it.  If no device is selected, then you will be able to use any supported 1-Wire temperature sensor that you put on that line, however it will not work if you have more than one 1-Wire device connected.  In that case, you must select a specific device.

Clear - This will clear the selected serial number for 1-Wire devices.  If this is cleared, any supported 1-Wire device can be used, but only if it is the only one.  If there are more than 1, then you must select a specific device or it will not work properly.

Update - This will rescan the selected data bit on the USBmicro device to see what 1-Wire devices it can find.  You should do this after changing the USBmicro device or bit number.  USBmicro devices with a version >= 1.46 will be able to list all connected devices.  Earlier versions of the USBmicro device will only be able to read one device.  If you want to use multiple devices on those devices, you must attach each device one at a time, adding a device to Home Domination and selecting the serial number, and continuing until all devices have been added.  Then you can attach all the devices to the wire.

Select - For this to be enabled, you must select an item in the "Connected 1-Wire Devices" list.  Selecting this will put that serial number in the Serial Number field, and it will use this serial number to identify that specific sensor when reading the temperature.  This allows you to have multiple temperature sensors connected to a single wire.  Otherwise all the temperature sensors talk at once and what comes back is just a bunch of gibberish.

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