Here you can change or update the information about yourself, as well as send the information to Home Domination.  You can also enter codes here which can enable other features.  The information you provide will not supplied to anyone outside of our company and will not be used to annoy you, so please be accurate with your information.

It won't let you hit OK unless at least the name is filled in and one piece of contact information (address, city and state; phone; or email).

Authorization Code - If you key in an authorization code, then once you hit OK it will process the code and display a message about it's success or failure.

Register - This will transmit your info to our site.  Again, please don't worry about us bugging you.  We won't bug you unless you check the "Contact me..." button, and even then we'll keep it to a minimum and just tell you about the really cool stuff we know you'll want to hear about.  Otherwise we will primarily use this information if there are problems that we think you need to be aware of.

Help - Since you got here, I guess you must have figured this out what this is for already.


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