Select Action Type

When adding an action, this window will display so you can choose the type of action you want to do.  The actions are listed by category.  You can click on the + next to a category to expand the list, or click on the - to collapse it again.  Click the action you would like to do and then click the Select button or double click on the action when you've completed your selection..


Control Switches - When you want to turn on a switch (lamp, appliance, or whatever), this is the action for you.  This action can be used to turn on the switch and optionally turn it off again after nobody for a certain amount of time after there have been no triggers tripped.  It can repeat an on and off sequence too, so you can flash a light if you like.

Delay Before Next Action - You may want to pause between actions in a list.  Add this action between the items that you want to pause between.


Beep - This action makes your computer beep using one of the standard beep sounds.

Play Sound - You can play a wave (.wav) file using this action.  You can have a lot of fun with this one.


Send Email - A macro can send an email by using this action.  

Remote Network Client

Alert Network Client User - This action lets you pop up a message box on a network client that is connected to your computer.  You can display the message on any remote network client, or just the network client of a particular user.


Video Snapshots - Use this action when you want to take a snapshot from a particular video source.  It can take multiple shots if you like, or it can do a movie clip.

Video Motion - This action lets you control a Ninja pan and tilt device via a CM19A or CM15A controller from within a macro, allowing you to move the camera before taking a snapshot.  If you want to take a snapshot or video clip after moving the Ninja, you'll need to add a delay action before it and experiment to determine how much of a delay is necessary for the Ninja to move to the right place.  It's a nifty little guy, but a bit of a turtle.


Run - This allows you to run another program or pop up a web page or do anything else that you can do when you click the Start button and then click Run.

Start / Terminate Macro - This allows you to trigger another macro or stop another macro if it is currently running.  When starting another macro, it will run concurrently with this one if there are more actions after this macro.

FTP (Copy to/from a website) - This action is used to copy video snapshots or other files to or from a website or anything else that supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Set Mode - Modes are a slick way to be able to control a group of macros for a given scene or "Mode".  For instance, you may want some macros to be enabled only when certain modes are active, and you may want other macros to be active all the time except when certain modes are active.  Any macros that work the same regardless of what mode is active can just ignore them all.


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