Email Setup

There are two ways that email may be sent to support.  One way is to use Home Domination's internal email support.  Another is to use Outlook Express.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both methods.  Using the Internal Email Support is more reliable and works when you don't have Outlook Express, however you have to supply the Outgoing Mail, or SMTP server, which you got from your network service provider, and a return email address.

Using Outlook Express can work without any setup since it uses the settings you already have in Outlook Express.  However, you must have Outlook Express.  Also, it will usually warn you that Home Domination is trying to send an email on your behalf, so you have to confirm that this is OK in order for the email to be sent.

Try Both - If you have the fields set up for the Internal Email Support, it will try to use this first.  If the fields are not set up or it fails, it will try to send it using Outlook Express.


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