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At Home Domination, we're always adding things and fixing things, so the program doesn't stay the same for long.  And except for some new features that you have to pay extra for (after you've had a chance to try them out), these updates are always free to you.  The really nice thing about it is that you can easily find out what the latest available version is, what changes were made, and you can update your version without even exiting the program (although it will restart it for you).  This window is where all that happens.

Get Info - Click this button and it will automatically go to our FTP site and check for to see what the latest version is and get the latest release notes.  It doesn't update the program, so if you're a little nervous about updating and you don't want to do it unless the changes are something that interests you, then click this button first and read the release notes.  

Update Now - So either you're confident with the process or you've already clicked the Get Info and there's something changed that you want to make sure you get.  Click Update Now and it will connect to our FTP site and start downloading the latest stuff.  When it's done, it will automatically restart the program for you.  It waits 10 seconds from the time it starts shutting down until it starts back up again, so just sit tight.

Registration - This button brings up a window where you can change the information about yourself that you entered when you first started the program, and it also lets you send it to us so we can know a little more about you.  You can also enter authorization codes here in case you purchase additional features.

This Version and Build - The version number is a number that roughly represents the version of the product that your currently running.  This doesn't always change, but will generally change when significant changes are made to the program.  The Build number will change every time the product is compiled for release and someone is made available to others.

Last Update Date - This is the date that you last did an auto update from this window.

Latest Version and Build - This is the version number and build number of the latest available build.  If the build number is greater than the build number under "This Version", then you may want to consider updating (Update Now).

Date Available - This is the date that the latest version was made available.

Latest Release Notes - Every time a build is made public, notes of what were changed on the build are added here.  If you're not sure if you want to update the program, you may want to look here to see if anything you care about has been added or fixed.

After you press Get Info, at the bottom of the screen, it will tell you if the version you are currently running is up to date or not.

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