X10 Sensor Settings

This window is where you enter information about an X10 sensor.  For the Name field, enter something that briefly and uniquely describes the sensor.  Use the Description field if you have any more information you want to put about the sensor.  These fields will show up in the selection list and in the log file.

NOTE:  Keep in mind that this doesn't have to be a motion sensor, it can also be the house and unit code of a switch.  That way if someone uses a remote control to turn on a switch, you can create a macro to do something in that case.  A good example of this is if you have your gas fireplace set up so that it can be controlled with X10, you can make it automatically turn off after some period of time.  A sensor and a switch can share the same house and unit code as well.  For instance, you can have a motion sensor set to A1 and a switch set to A1.  In this case, the motion sensor will control the switch directly without the computer's involvement, which may be desirable since that doesn't require that the computer be running.  However it limits the amount of control that Home Domination has over the switch, since the switch will turn on regardless of how Home Domination is set up.

The House Code is the X10 house code that the switch is set for.  This can be A though P.  The default house code for X10 devices is A.  You may want to pick a different one than that for your devices just in case your neighbor gets X10 and doesn't change the house code.  Otherwise it's possible your switches may conflict with your neighbors.  This could still happen if you change it, but it's not as likely.

The Unit Code is the unit code of the particular X10 device.

If the Don't Show in Activity List check box is checked, then when the sensor is triggered, it won't show it in the log on the main screen.  This can be handy if it's a sensor that is triggered frequently, and you don't want it to clutter the log.  By default, it will show up in the log when it's triggered.

If the Include on Main Window is checked, then it will appear on the "Sensors" tab.  The sensors tab allows you to see what sensors have been triggered recently.  It can also manually be triggered from that window so you can simulate the sensor being triggered.  By default, it will be shown in the sensors tab on the main window.

The Access Level field indicates the access level a user must have in order to control the sensor.  For instance, if the access level is "General", and a user's item access level is "Limited", they will not be able to trigger the sensor from the Sensors tab on the main screen or from the network client, where if the user has an item access level of "General" or Privileged", they will be able to trigger it.  If the access level is set to Privileged, then only people with an item access level of "Privileged" will be able to trigger the sensor.


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