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ADLINK ACL-7122 144-CH Programmable Digital IO Board

The ADLINK ACL-7122 144-CH Programmable Digital IO Board lets you monitor and control up to 128 sensors or switches.

Home Domination lets you mix IO board sensors and switches with X10 sensors and switches, so you can have X10 remote controls or motions sensors control IO board switches, and you can have IO board sensors control X10 switches, so this will give you many more options than you've ever had before.

Warning:  This board is not yet useable by everyone.  A driver must be installed and is not installed by the normal install process.  The driver is only available for Windows 2000.  Please email if you want to use this board. You will also need to create a startup macro to initialize the card.  Additional instructions for setting up this startup macro will also be emailed to you.