Release Notes

Ver 2.0 - Build 192 (9/29/2010):
- The fix for the continuous restart of the CM15A didn't work, so it's now backed out and a new status code is added to help give more info about the problem.

Ver 2.0 - Build 191 (9/25/2010):
- Made a change to solve a problem where a macro with a sensor trigger could be triggered immediately at dawn or dusk if it's set for day or night only, even though it may have been triggered hours earlier.
- Attempted to fix a condition where it would continuously restart the CM15A even when it's still working.

Ver 2.0 - Build 190 (8/7/2010):
- Fixed a problem created in version 189 where it would only display one video selection.
- Fixed a problem with videos where if there were multiple cameras of the same brand attached, it would only show video for one of those cameras.

Ver 2.0 - Build 189 (7/14/2010):
- Added a restart command to email processing so it would cause Home Domination to restart. This was requested as a remote troubleshooting measure for video issues.
- Fixed a problem when starting up where instead of showing the tab that was shown before shutdown, it would show the last video tab.
- It turns out it can still barf if it automatically refreshes the device tree, so I removed that again, and now it has to be refreshed with the button.

Ver 2.0 - Build 188 (3/7/2010):
- Fixed a problem where explicitly adding a U4x1 device could cause the program to crash. This is not necessary though, since these are auto detected.
- Fixed a problem where the device name wasn't defaulting correctly, and this could also cause a crash on refresh. The list now auto refreshes since that appears to have fixed the problem.

Ver 2.0 - Build 187 (3/2/2010):
- Compensated for a Windows 7 bug (Readfile always blocks under Windows 7) which caused the COM port access for the CM11A and W800RF32A not to work.
- Instead of referencing "U401/U421" for USBmicro controllers, it now refers to it as "U4x1" since it encompases the U401, U421 and now the U451.
- Fixed a potential authorization problem that could happen on Windows 7.

Ver 2.0 - Build 186 (2/24/2010):
- Fixed another problem where the log file could cause the program to crash when a log entry was longer than 256 bytes.

Ver 2.0 - Build 185 (2/23/2010):
- Fixed a problem where the program would crash when adding a temperature sensor.
- Added a ProcessLowBatteryCondition to the Special Settings key in the registry in order to disable reporting of the low battery status by the W800RF32A if needed for certain special macro scenarios.

Ver 2.0 - Build 184 (1/31/2010):
- Fixed a potential problem when multiple codes were received by the W800RF32A when there was a low battery situation detected.

Ver 2.0 - Build 183 (1/30/2010):
- Fixed a problem with the auto update.  It would go through the motions, but wasn't able to download the most important file.  On Vista and above, however, you will need to run as administrator before doing the auto update.

Ver 2.0 - Build 182 (1/27/2010):
- Made a couple minor text changes: Removed a stray "Device Type" text message on device types where it doesn't apply, and changed the name of the USB PIR so it had a space. - Added a code that can give support additional information when the auto update fails.

Ver 2.0 - Build 181 (1/23/2010):
- Changed the low battery status support for the W800RF32A so it works properly and the low battery status can be used for macros.
- Attempted to correct some problems with the Update feature under Version Info.

Ver 2.0 - Build 180 (1/15/2010):
- Added support for the USBmicro U451.
- Added support for the USBmicro USBPIR.
- Fixed a resizing problem on the main control window.
- Added a low battery status for X10 security modules, which can be detected by the W800RF32A.
- Changed the email to support option so when it cuts a log file down in size, it emails as a txt file now instead of a .tmp file.

Ver 2.0 - Build 179 (9/14/2008):
- Added detail about which device is having problems in the log file message for "Communication Error".
- Made it so it will try to restore a USBmicro controller if it loses connection.
- Made a change so it will preserve the state of the USBmicro output pins rather than resetting all the values on startup.
- Fixed a problem where it would crash if a temperature sensor was deleted before deleting the temperature sensor device.

Ver 2.0 - Build 178 (3/11/2008):
- Fixed a rare problem where it could crash on startup if an application file was corrupted.
- Fixed another rare problem where it could loop endlessly on startup if the log file was corrupted.
- Made a change to make OEM versions possible.

Ver 2.0 - Build 177 (11/18/2008):
- Neither problem fixed in build 166 worked, but hopefully both are fixed in this version. I wasn't able to test the preset dim functions.

Ver 2.0 - Build 176 (11/15/2008):

- Fixed a problem where codes from a USBmicro sensor or switches could get confused with X10 sensors or switches.
- Added a Preset Dim function for switching actions.

Ver 2.0 - Build 175 (8/11/2008):
There was a rare problem with the dawn / dusk calculation where it can cause the program to crash at certain times of the year. This is now fixed.

Ver 2.0 - Build 174 (5/4/2008):
- Made a CONCISE option for email commands where response files will be made as short as possible (to help with email commands sent from cell phones). Use an exclamation point ("!") at the start of the command message to trigger that.

Ver 2.0 - Build 173 (4/14/2008):
- Changed the method for determining which COM ports are available for the CM11A and the W800RF32A.
- Fixed a problem where build 172 wouldn't run after installing (on some machines).

Ver 2.0 - Build 172 (4/5/2008):
- Fixed a problem where 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM were reversed.
- Fixed a problem with the sensor report where a temperature of 0 wouldn't show up on the report.
- Fixed a potential crash that can happen when changing a control file while connected to a remote network client.
- When setting up a COM port, the ports provided by the system didn't always show all available COM ports, so the list of available ports is now hard coded to COM1 through COM8, even though not all of them will be valid.

Ver 2.0 - Build 171 (12/10/2007):
- Fixed a problem with the date range trigger where it didn't work properly after one year.
- Added a message in Vista in case the LibUSB installation fails (Home Domination needs to be run as administrator for that to install).
- Updated the help for the email setup window and the advanced email setup window.

Ver 2.0 - Build 170 (11/29/2007):
- Added the ability to more easily send the latest snapshots as email attachments, and also to generate a report and send it as an email attachment.
- Added the ability to use SSL when sending emails, which allows you to use Gmail.
- Added a log message if it was set up to show previous activity on startup and the previous activity couldn't be loaded from the log file.
- Fixed a problem with the automated download process (all versions prior to this will need to download and install the latest version from
- Fixed another compatibility problem with Windows Vista.
- Added a wait cursor to the Email To Support window since sending an email, especially with large attachments, can take a while.
- This version is using a new version of the compiler, so please report any problems.

Ver 2.0 - Build 169 (9/05/2007):
- Removed the registration dialog when first logging in, and made it so it's not necessary for entering the authorization code under Version Info/Registration.
- Fixed some compatibility problems with Windows Vista.

Ver 2.0 - Build 168 (8/15/2007):
- Added a checkbox to not save user name and password on the client setup, and also a delete button to delete previously stored info (so it's not available on more public computers).
- Updated the LibUSB library, which may eliminate the problem that some machines would have with the CM15A.
- Added an indication in the log whether codes received by the CM15A are RF or PLC (powerline) commands.
- Fixed a problem with the Ninja where it wouldn't work properly after the NInja window was closed and reopened.

Ver 2.0 - Build 167 (7/03/2007):
- Added a button to the Remote Setup window that will show you the external IP number that would be used by the network client when outside your network. If you have a firewall, you'll still need to forward the port to the appropriate machine inside your local network.
- Fixed a potential crash if the CM11A sends erroneous data.
- Fixed a problem where the Ninja window wouldn't always appear when a CM19A controller was in use, and added a message box if no CM19A controller was attached.
- Fixed a problem that prevented Home Domination from being run from Vista. A problem with the CM15A and CM19A still needs to be dealt with, however.

Ver 2.0 - Build 166 (4/27/2007):
- The SMTP authentication was using the user id for the password and the password for the user id. I switched this, but also switched the order it was read in so if you figured it out and got it working, it should still work.
- Fixed a problem with the W800RF32A which caused the processor usage to be quite high.
- Fixed a problem where adding a temperature sensor to a pre-existing control file would crash.
- Fixed a problem that could happen when you had a video tab shown on the top of the split screen and then you load a contorl file that doesn't have that video source.

Ver 2.0 - Build 165 (4/24/2007):
- Fixed a problem where the dusk time was getting set to dawn time when it updated the dawn / dusk time on the main control window.
- An auto recover feature that was added was auto-saving more often than was necessary.
- Added an option in preferences to disable auto recover because of the time it can take to save large control files.
- Added information to the title bar.
- Fixed a problem where the program can crash when changing the main control file if a remote client is attached at the same time.
- Fixed a problem on the macro tab of the network client where a portion of the top of the tab was being cleared and fixed several other minor problems with tabs on the network client.
- Fixed a problem with showing video on top if another video source is disabled.
- Fixed a problem that could happen if the same video tab was shown on both panes and the Preview In Tab and Separate Window check boxes were alternately checked.
- Fixed a couple problems with the W800RF32A and made it more reliable.
- Fixed a sorting problem with the date and time columns in the log (regarding AM and PM). Also, now when sorting the date or the time, it first sorts by date and then by time.
- Fixed a crash that happened on exit (likely both created and fixed in this build or the last one).

Ver 2.0 - Build 164 (4/05/2007):
- Changed the main control window so some optional information could be hidden.
- Added a field on the main screen under additional information showing the current dawn and dusk times.
- There was a problem with the log file when switching tabs where it would say the wrong video source was responsible for controlling a switch.
- Fixed a problem where the video preview in the tab could disappear if the video wasn't the last tab.
- Changed the cursor to an hour glass while loading and saving.
- Added some error checking to the Email Support feature.
- Added a check to the install program to make sure Home Domination is shut down before continuing the install.
- Updated the help for the Email Support option.
- Fixed a potential crash when switching between multiple X10 video cameras with a macro.

Ver 2.0 - Build 163 (3/14/2007):
- Fixed a problem where recurring macros could be an hour off with the new daylight savings time.

Ver 2.0 - Build 162 (2/28/2007):
- Made it so reports can be customized, and new custom reports can be added.
- Added an option to the FTP action to generate and copy a report to a web site.
- Updated and added help for the new reporting features.
- Added an auto save feature so if the program should end abnormally after making a change, the next time it starts up, it will still have most of the unsaved changes that were made before the abormal termination.
- Made it so when you load the program for the first time, it will ask if you want to load the sample control file.
- Changed it so you can't accidentally mix security house and unit codes with regular house and unit codes on sensors and switches.
- Increased the wait time for threads to complete. With large control files with video and remote access, it's possible they can be tied up for a while before they complete.
- Fixed a problem on the Triggers tab on the macro setup window where it wouldn't always save changes made to the Day / Night field.
- Fixed a problem where it could potentially crash when deleting a macro.
- Fixed a problem where it would puke, blow chow, ralf, etc. if you deleted a sensor that was used as a pilot sensor for a switch.
- Made it so if a video source is not available, but an unused one is, it will automatically change to the available unused video source.
- Fixed an icon in the log for when the mode is set.
- Added a help item to the Send X10 Code dialog, and the Date Range Trigger dialog.

Ver 2.0 - Build 161 (1/13/2007):
- Added a field to the Sensor tab that shows the last time the status changed.
- Fixed a problem where the Door/Window Closed (Max) sensor function was being listed as Door/Window Closed (Min).
- Fixed a problem with the move up and down buttons on the macro actions where it wouldn't let you move the top or bottom actions.
- Made it so it would attempt to reconnect a video source once per minute if it stops unexpectedly. 
- Changed the sensor tab so the check box will be set by codes from the security modules, such as when a door is opened or closed.
- Fixed a problem with the mode tab on macros where it would sometimes set modes at random when there was a scroll bar.
- Added a date range trigger that can be used with other triggers to only allow macros to be active during a certain date range.
- Made it set a default function for a sensor trigger when switching between security sensors and regular ones.
- Fixed a problem where the id at the end of a sensor name wouldn't be right for all on/off sensors. 
- Fixed a problem where the sensor and switch list wouldn't update after doing add multiple.
- Added a total field to the reports.

Ver 2.0 - Build 160 (11/26/2006):
- Changed the support for the W800RF32A so it can now receive codes from X10 security modules, and can trigger macros with them.

Ver 2.0 - Build 159 (11/01/2006):
- Added support for the WLGRF32A and the W800 (the W800 is not tested with the actual device but it seems to be working according to the spec - please let me know if anyone tests it with the actual device - email).
- Added a device type for sensors of "Any X10 Device" so a single sensor will get data from any X10 controller in use. This is now the default for sensors.
- Added a report feature under Setup with 4 different reports (so far).
- Changed it so you can sort the lists on the sensors and switches window by clicking on the column names.
- Made the macro list window sortable too by clicking on the column names. This is not sorted by default now, so the macros will appear as they do on the main control window until you click on a heading.
- Made it so if you click on a macro that is in progress on the macro tab of the main control window, it will show how long it has left to go on the top of the macro list box.
- Fixed a problem where it would flip switches for X10 video sources with every snapshot.
- Added the X10 code to sensors and switches when selecting them in macros.
- Fixed a potential crashing problem in the Device Setup window.

Ver 2.0 - Build 158 (08/20/2006):
- Fixed a problem where it didn't work properly when a video clip was taken by a macro.
- Fixed a problem where the preview and Ninja windows were not getting removed when the video tabs were removed, causing a program crash when these are clicked.
- Fixed a potential crashing problem after making a change to the setup when a CM11A was in use.

Ver 2.0 - Build 157 (08/16/2006):
- Fixed a problem with the communications for the European versions of the CM11A. The European version seems to work for the U.S. version too now, so that is now the default. The choice for the old version of communication is still available however, just in case.
- Made it so when you activate a separate preview window by clicking on it, it will automatically change the tab view on the main control window to that tab so it will activate it and you can see any snapshots for that camera.

Ver 2.0 - Build 156 (08/13/2006):
- Changed the macro setup window so it uses tabs for triggers, actions and modes, which makes it more organized, spacious and less cluttered looking.
- Updated the help for the new features.
- For alpha and beta testers, added a "Log Debug Messages" check box on the Log Setup window. Debug messages can be helpful to tech support for track down communication and other problems.
- Fixed a problem with auto switching between the U.S. and European modes for the CM11A, and added an option so the mode can be locked in rather than having it auto detect all the time.
- Fixed a problem on the video snapshot / clip action where the radio button wasn't getting set properly when editing an action.
- Fixed a problem where the Ninja controls would always show on startup once it was displayed, rather than only showing it if it was up when the program was closed.
- Fixed a problem with adding a controlling switch when setting up a video source.
- Fixed a problem when multiple video devices used the same video input device and the separate windows were different sizes where it wouldn't resize the video to fit the available window.

Ver 2.0 - Build 155 (07/30/2006):
- Changed the email monitoring so if a email subject of "<blank>" is set, it will only monitor emails with a blank subject line. If the field is blank, it will continue to monitor emails regardless of the subject line like it did before.
- Fixed a problem with modes where the tab dialog wasn't getting updated when the mode was set by a macro.
- Fixed a problem with the separate preview window where it had a size of 0 x 0 so it wouldn't show.
- Fixed a problem where it wasn't saving the location of the separate preview windows after they were moved or resized.

Ver 2.0 - Build 154 (07/23/2006):
- NEW FEATURE: Added a feature where the video preview can be put in it's own window (almost complete, but a couple minor bugs remain).
- NEW FEATURE: Added the ability to do video clips. Need to support writing to a WMV file rather than just writing AVI files. Macro ability is there, but not perfect yet.
- NEW FEATURE: Added the ability to use the Ninja pan and tilt device using the CM19A and the CM15A.
- NEW FEATURE: Added a "Mode" feature. A macro can be set to be active or inactive during one or more modes. Modes can be set by macros or manually on the modes tab.
- NEW FEATURE: Made it so you can take a snapshot simply by clicking on the preview window.
- Improved switching performance
- Fixed a reliability problem caused in build 153 when a problem for the UK was fixed. It should work reliably for both now.
- Fixed a problem where a temporary file was not getting deleted when a snapshot was received by the network client.
- Changed the 1-Wire scanning to limit the search to 256 devices, just in case an error occurred but was not detected properly.
- Fixed a problem with the command file when a dim amount greater than 22% was used.
- Changed it so if a video source could not be started, it just logs it rather than displaying a message box, which stopped everything.

Ver 1.5 - Build 153 (05/01/2006):
- Changed the communication between the main program and the network client so it is less limited (mainly affects video features).  It now can transfer snapshots of unlimited size.
- Fixed a problem with the Day/Night button when triggerd from the network client.
- Made some changes to the CM11A communication to hopefully solve some problems in the UK.

Ver 1.4 - Build 152 (03/09/2006):
- After downloading the demo version or a new version and running it for the first time, it would access the Internet to inform StrandControl that someone ran that version for the first time. I removed this because some people may have considered it a security risk since it accessed the Internet without their permission.
- Fixed a problem where if a video device is on top at the startup and there are multiple video devices, snapshots may appear for the wrong video device.
- It wasn't logging if a device failed to be initialized, but now it will log an error message and an error code.
- Fixed a problem where it was possible to lose the video that was in the top window if a new video window was moved to the top.
- Fixed a problem where if a device was renamed after switches or sensors were added, the sensors and switches would lose track of the device. This resulted in continuous log messages like "Communication Error (80041033) - Retrying in 5 seconds".

Ver 1.4 - Build 151 (02/11/2006):
- Added a couple codes to the end of the receiving error message that can appear with remote access. This will help me determine more specifically why this message is appearing. 
- Fixed a problem with loading control files when a video source is located on the top of the split screen.
- If a video source was renamed, macros that take snapshots for that source were not getting changed so it couldn't find the video source. It automatically renames the video names in those macros now.

Ver 1.4 - Build 150 (02/06/2006):
- On the device screen, when the Update button is clicked, it will now tell you if the devices is not attached properly instead of doing nothing.
- Made it easier to set up buffered email by filling the combo box with any buffers chosen so far, and made sure one was picked when leaving the dialog.
- Changed the "Communication Error" message to also display an error code so it's possible to determine the cause of the errors.
- Added a "Max Retries After Communication Error" to Preferences to make sure that errors won't continue indefinately if the error situation isn't resolved.
- Added a "Retry again after failed attempt" check box to instruct it to try again after a while if it fails due to communication errors.
- When resizing the user list window, it wouldn't move the notes on the bottom. It's fixed now.
- Fixed a problem with Platinum authorization codes where the remote and video may not have gotten set to unlimited.
- There was an occasional problem with Add Multiple on the Sensors and Switches window where it wouldn't update the sensors or switches on the main control window until the program was shut down and restarted.
- Fixed a problem with the preview when the same video tab was on top and on the bottom of the split window where it could lose the picture.
- There was an occasional problem where a single snapshot could occasionally result in multiple snapshots being taken.

Ver 1.4 - Build 149 (01/21/2006):
- Fixed a problem where it can take focus away from other applications in certain circumstances when a video snapshot is taken. This could have been a major annoyance if snapping pictures frequently with a macro.

Ver 1.4 - Build 148 (12/11/2005):
- Made changes to temperature sensors so it's possible to use more than one temperature sensor on a data pin.
- Improved temperature sensor setup so it's easier, more automatic, and provides warning messages when warranted.
- Fixed several problems with temperature sensors, including one that prevented data pin 5 from working.
- Added the ability to find the ids of all 1-wire devices on a data pin.
- Fixed a problem with Randomness on Time Triggers. This wasn't fully implemented before but slipped into the release version anyway.
- Added an email command (Get IP) to get the IP address of the computer running the main control program of Home Domination and send it as a reply.
- The "Send Reply to Command Messages" check box had no effect before. Now it will only send a reply if it's checked or if a command is used that requests information.
- Changed the email reply so it won't send the status of all switches, sensors and macros unless you use "Send Status" in the command email.
- Added the ability to do authentication on the outgoing (SMTP) server.
- Changed the wording from Pin to Bit for USBmicro devices because the pin numbers are different than the bit number that that field expects.
- Made a change so it will give you a warning if a trigger has a "continuous" trigger and the macro is set to trigger when any trigger is active, since the macro would repeat constantly in that case.

Ver 1.3 - Build 147 (10/28/2005):
- Added a box in the Version Info window that tells the state of Home Domination and all the add-on features. 
- In the device setup for X10 controllers, it wasn't supposed to allow the House Code to be edited, but it would allow it if it was double clicked. Then if it was changed from Pin to Port, it would crash when trying to change it back. 
- Added a warning message to macros when no trigger is set to "Momentary" and therefore would trigger the macro continuously.
- It turns out that the service for ActiveHome Pro also can screw up the CM19A, so it will now disable that automatically and re-enable it when Home Domination is shut down.
- Fixed a problem with the product code generation. Before this change, it was possible for an invalid product code to be generated.

Ver 1.3 - Build 146 (10/10/2005):
- Fixed a problem where it would uncheck the check box by a switch right after you checked it, even though it's still on. This problem was introduced in build 144.

Ver 1.3 - Build 145 (10/03/2005):
- Added the ability to put the video name on a video snapshot too (not yet for BMP files).
- Fixed a problem where the updated help file didn't get into the program.

Ver 1.3 - Build 144 (10/01/2005):
- Added a date/time stamp feature on video snapshots (not yet for BMP files).
- Added a macro action of FTP under Advanced that lets you copy files to and from a web site and makes it especially easy to copy video snapshots to a web site.
- Added a macro action of Start/Stop Macro so you can start or stop a macro from another macro.
- Added a log message for the Run Action that will display when it succeeds as long as "Log Macro Details" is checked in "Log Setup" under Setup.
- Added a date and time stamp on the response file that gets produced when processing command files.
- Added a log file message when a run action is started and "Log Macro Details" is checked in "Log Setup" under Setup.
- Fixed a problem where the status of switches was not getting updated when switched externally to Home Domination. This worked once but broke quite a while ago. 
- If multiple switches shared the same X10 code, it wasn't updating the status of all of them when controlled manually from the main control window. 

Ver 1.21 - Build 143 (9/08/2005):
- Fixed a problem where empty directories weren't getting removed when doing the video cleanup.
- It didn't work before to terminate a macro by unchecking it even though it appeared to terminate it. Works now though. 
- The email command to stop a macro wasn't ever completed before either, but it works now.
- Added the ability to move actions up and down in a macro in order to rearrange them.

Ver 1.21 - Build 142 (8/18/2005):
- Changed the video source selection when setting up video devices so that it's a combo box instead of a list box. It didn't really make sense for it to be a list box.
- Updated the help for the switch selection, paddle switch, preferences and video add/change windows.

Ver 1.21 - Build 141 (8/15/2005):
- Fixed a potential crashing problem when switching from the CM11A to a different controller.
- Made it so if the computer that is running the CM15A cannot run it without the X10 Device Network Service that it will start it again and warn that it may not be able to receive data from the device. 
- Fixed a problem where an extended demo code authorization code wouldn't work for extending optional features.

Ver 1.21 - Build 140 (7/29/2005):
- Fixed a problem where adding a device and then clicking OK in Device Setup without doing anything else wasn't working properly.
- Added a suggestion to reboot the computer to the message "Unable to monitor for network clients", and also added the return code to the message.
- Made it so it can more effectively determine if the CM15A is connected or not.
- It now processes the CM15A's RF commands immediately rather than waiting for the power line command code.
- It was shutting down and starting up the X10 Device Network Service more often than necessary, causing delays when going in and out of setup. 
- Fixed a problem where the remote network client wouldn't work if there were no users set up. Without users, there's no security, however it now works. If there are users set up, then a remote client must provide a valid user name and password and any restrictions for that user will apply.
- No longer allowing more than one device for each type of X10 device.
- Added a "Repeat switching at a quiet time (except for dim & bright)" check box on preferences so if an X10 code was read recently, it can repeat a switching command when the X10 activity slows down, hopefully compensating for collisions.

Ver 1.21 - Build 139 (7/20/2005):
- Fixed a problem where it could crash in the Device Setup, primarily after having removed something.
- Changed it so multiple X10 codes with the same function can trigger a macro without the function changing (like from on to off and back on).
- It was supposed to ask you if you wanted to switch controllers if any of your switches used a different one than what is active, but it would only work if two or more X10 controllers were active. It's fixed now though.

Ver 1.21 - Build 138 (7/16/2005):
- Changed the LibUSB processing so it installs the first time it is needed rather than during install.
- Fixed a problem where the changes to the column heading widths on the tabs on the main control dialog weren't being saved.
- Changed it so the default switch and sensor types will be an X10 device that is enabled, if there is any, rather than always picking the CM11A as the default.
- Fixed a problem where the check boxes wouldn't work if they weren't the first column (you can drag it to other columns).
- Changed the CM15A support so will start up and recover from errors more reliably.

Ver 1.21 - Build 137 (6/23/2005):
- Made another attempt at getting the LibUSB USB support working.

Ver 1.21 - Build 136 (6/19/2005):
- Fixed the problem with the CM15A where LibUSB was not getting installed properly.
- Added support for the CM19A.
- Fixed a problem with the icons for Advanced and Run on the action selection window. The icon was a question mark for both and now it's what was originally intended.

Ver 1.21 - Build 135 (5/31/2005):
- Added support for the CM15A. To use it, go under Device Setup, find the CM15A device and click Add.
- Added the ability to monitor a directory for a command file (same format as email commands). It runs it the instant it's created. Both the main program and remote clients can monitor for command files.
- Added a Run action. This lets you call other programs or scripts from a macro. You can also choose to run items on remote network clients.
- Changed the way security is done. If a user is set up as auto log-in and you hit log out, then if they hit cancel on the password screen, it will just go back in as the auto log-in user.
- Added warning messages and explantions of how security works so it's less likely you'll get stuck without knowing the password.
- Added a hide button to the login window.
- Added a backdoor for the password so StrandControl support can get you around the password if you forget it.
- Fixed a problem with email where the CC'ed person wouldn't get an email.
- Fixed a problem where after clicking New under Setup, it wouldn't change the control file name on the main control window.
- Fixed a problem where it was possible for the demo mode to prematurely expire if the client was run from another directory.
- Added a command to the authorization code for extending the demo mode. 
- Added a command to the authorization code for recovering the demo mode after the date was set back. 

Ver 1.20 - Build 134 (4/12/2005):
- Added some more detailed log messages in case there is a problem initializing the COM port.
- Changed the Buy Now button so it goes to the new buy now page and will fill in the product code automatically.
- Added the product code to the version info window.
- Finished adding help for the Device Setup and other things.
- Fixed a problem with the "Send Client" email command.
- Fixed a problem where the data in the switch and sensor status list in the command email reply wasn't being sent properly. Changed it so it would only send this if it is non-zero too, since it's not used most of the time.
- It could crash if a CM11A device wasn't added and you clicked Send X10 Code. It still won't work without it, but it will no longer crash.
- Changed the sample.xic file so it already has the CM11A device added.

Ver 1.20 Beta - Build 133 (2/23/2005):
- Fixed a problem where it could crash in certain error conditions (especially if the COM port was invalid) when going into Device Setup.
- Fixed a problem with the column widths not being saved. If a dialog was on the top window (regardless of whether split screen was on), it would save those column positions instead of the ones in the tabs. Now it will only save column changes that happen in the tabs.
- Added a copy button to the macro list window where it will create a disabled copy of a macro so you can copy and change an existing macro rather than starting from scratch.
- After deleting a macro, it wasn't graying out the buttons that only function when a macro is selected.
- Fixed a problem with Activity Triggers. It appears to have been broken for a few versions now.

Ver 1.20 Beta - Build 132 (2/13/2005):
- Fixed a problem where if you click New on the Setup window, it wouldn't clear out the tabs on the main window, and if you tried changing anything on those tabs, the program would crash.
- Made it so if you click new, it will prompt you to choose a device to use.
- Fixed a problem where if you chose to not show the status of a sensor or switch in the log file, it would show it anyway.
- Added a Clear and Restore button on the log tab so you can clear out the log items on the screen and restore them again.

Ver 1.20 Beta - Build 131 (2/6/2005):
- Changed the CM11A device so you can vary the port setup so I can hopefully figure out what is needed for the European versions of the CM11A.
- Fixed a problem where changes to the port settings maybe wouldn't take affect.
- Changed the Device Setup window so that if an item that has sub items can be changed, double clicking on it will change it rather than toggling it's expanded state.
- Fixed a problem where changing items on the device setup can cause the program to crash.
- Changed the Email Support feature to be more reliable and less confusing (hopefully). It will now use the internal email support if it's set up, instead of just 

Ver 1.20 Beta - Build 130 (2/2/2005):
- Changed some stuff with serial port communication which may speed things up, and will hopefully solve the problem with the CM12U and other European versions of the CM11A.
- Made it so you can sort the log by clicking on the column headings.
- Expanded the selection list on the port combo box on the "Choose Computer Interfaces To Use" window (it was only one selection shown).
- Fixed some problems that may have prevented any COM port changes from taking affect.
- Added some help items, however there isn't much meat on them yet.

Ver 1.20 Beta - Build 129 (1/24/2005):
- There is code to retry in case there is an error communicating with the CM11A, although it was possible it could get stuck. The code wasn't working as intended. It seems to be working properly now.
- It didn't work to send All Lights On, All Lights Off or All Units Off when the unit code was set to All On/Off. You'll need to delete the CM11A device and re-add it to fix this one. This won't affect your sensors or switches you have in your control file.
- The Send X10 Code window didn't work before. It would continually show an error in the log instead. It's fixed now.
- Fixed a problem where some files with names like {0BAA2180-8E5A-44BD-8449-3E48165952DA}.txt can accumulate.
- Updated the help for editing the sensor and switch settings.

Ver 1.20 Beta - Build 128 (1/22/2005):
- Changed the CM11A support so now it is set up under Device Setup like the other devices, and is no longer required in order to used Home Domination (TM).
- There was a problem where it wouldn't show the temperature in the log when it was at or below 0.
- Fixed a problem where sensor changes wouldn't always be noticed by a macro if multiple macros used that sensor.
- Fixed a problem where if "When Start Sensor Triggers After Macro Starts" is set to "Restart Macro" it wasn't doing restarting the macro. 
- Fixed a problem where it would delay several seconds after making a change to the control file, and the program would sometimes die if a network client was connected at the time.
- Fixed a problem where it wouldn't save on exit even though you told it to. It looked like this problem was introduced fairly recently.
- After doing a new, it wasn't setting the file name to blank.
- Made the Home Domination (TM) logo on the main control window smaller.
- Changed it so if a user was logged out, it wouldn't let them exit the program without logging in again. This is to prevent unauthorized shutdown.
- Fixed a problem where the system icon could mysteriously stop flashing. 
- Changed the video preview window to be sunken.
- Changed the video storage window so it makes sure the path name exists and is valid, and if it doesn't exist, gives you the option of creating it for you.
- Fixed a problem where the main program would crash if the network client tried to connect with an invalid user or password.
- Changed the name of the main program from X10Control.exe to HomeDom.exe, and changed the name of the client program from X10Client.exe to HDClient.exe.
- The log message saying the program was started wasn't happening until after the dialog was brought up, but now it will log it before the demo dialog is displayed.