User List

At first you might find it kind of cool that your friends and relatives can control your lights, spy on you through your video sources, and start macros at will.  But that would likely fade 5 minutes later when they really start to annoy you.  Not to worry, you can just add a user account for them.  If you want to give them complete rights to do anything, you have that choice, and when they start to abuse their power, just yank their rights right out from under them and you'll show them who has the real power!

The list shows the whole list of users that you have added so far.  You can change the size of the columns by clicking on the line that separates the columns and dragging it left or right or if you double click on the column heading, it will size the column to the longest data in the column.  The list displays the user name, a description of the user, and the access type, and the item access level that they have.  The user name will show a * in front of it if that user is automatically logged in when the program starts.  The access type field indicates what types of things they are authorized to do, and the item access level indicates the maximum level of sensors, switches or macros that they will be able to control.

To add a user, just click the Add button.  This will display a dialog that will get the information from you.  It will be filled with default values.  When you want to change that user's rights or information, just click the item in the list and then click the Change button and the same dialog will be displayed with the information you entered when you did the Add.  When you no longer want someone to be able to have any kind of remote access at all, just click the item in the list, click Delete, click Yes when it asks if you're sure, and voila, it's gone and they will no longer be able to bother you.


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