Video List

The video list shows all of the video sources that are in use.  This list will be blank to start with unless you've loaded the sample control file.  The columns in this list can be resized by clicking on the lines separating each column and dragging them.  If you double click on a separator line, it will make the size of the column to the left large equal to the longest line of data in that column.  You can also rearrange these columns by clicking and holding the column name and dragging it to a new position.


To add a video source, click the Add button.  This will display a window where you can add video sources for devices that have a Direct X driver.  Make sure your video device is installed and working prior to adding it here. 


If you need to make any changes to a video source, select the item in the list and then click Change.  It will display the same window as it does when adding a video source except the data will be filled in with the current values for that video source.  If you hit cancel on this window, the changes will be ignored, otherwise it will accept the change. 


If you remove the video source, then you can delete it from Home Domination using this button.  It will ask you if you're sure before deleting it, just in case you have second thoughts.

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