Video Storage

This is where you can tell Home Domination where to store your pictures and what kind of file names to use when storing them.  Also, you can store the latest pictures to a series of filenames that do not change so you can use those file names in a web page that displays the latest snapshots.

Capture Path - This lets you choose where the snapshots that are taken are stored.  Click the Browse button to help you find the directory where you want to store your pictures.

Create a new subdirectory for each day/week/month/year - If this option is checked, it will put the snapshots in a subdirectory in the capture path whose name indicates what day, week, month or year is used.  The starting date, in YYYYMMDD format, will be used in the directory name.  When the period is over, new files will be put in the directory for the next period.  All sub-directories will be subject to the cleanup options you select.

Filename Prefix - The name of the file will be the filename prefix, followed by the suffix of your choice and the extension that identifies the type of file.  You should usually choose a brief name that can help you distinguish the video source.

Filename Suffix - The filename suffix can be set to "Hexadecimal Date" if you want a small identifier for the picture, or "YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS" if you want a more readable date and time stamp within the filename.

Static Filenames

If you want to have a web page that displays the most recent snapshots, it would be pretty difficult to do if the file names of the most recent pictures kept changing.  If Copy latest snapshots to static filenames is checked, then a quantity of files indicated by Static Filename Qty will be created with the Static Filename Prefix followed by the numeric index of the file starting at 0001, and ending with the extension that identifies the type of file.  The last picture taken will always have a number of 0001, the second most recent picture will be 0002, etc.  The static filename files are always stored in the capture path and not in a subdirectory under it.

Copy latest snapshots to static filenames - If checked, this will cause the static filenames to be created and updated with each snapshot.

Static Filename Qty - This is the number of static filenames to store.  If you have a web page that shows the last 5 pictures, this should be set to 5.  If it has room enough to show 50, then you set this to 50.  The larger the number, the longer it will take to process each snapshot, so try to keep the quantity within reason. 

Static Filename Prefix - This is what to use as the first part of the filename.  It should be brief but descriptive enough to identify the video source that was used to take the snapshot.  It can be the same as the Filename Prefix if desired.  

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