Remote Network Client Setup

This window displays automatically when you start the Home Domination Remote Client program for the first time, and it also appears when clicking the Setup button on the main control window of the remote client program. 

Site Information

Name - Choose a name for the location you are trying to access.  If you have already entered data in this dialog, the settings will be stored separately for each name you enter, making it easy to monitor more than one location. 

IP Address - This is the IP address of the machine that's running Home Domination.  It can be an IP address or a name (like a web site name) that represents your computer.  Click here for more information on IP addresses.

Port - This needs to be set to the same value as the listening port that was set up in the main program under Remote Setup.

User Name and Password - If users were added in the main program, then you must supply a valid user name and password or it won't connect.  If no users are set up in the main program, then these fields are ignored.

Automatically log in at startup - If this is checked, then it will automatically log in with this information when you start the remote client program.  Otherwise it will pop up the setup window when you start the program.  Once you select the site information and close the dialog, it will connect.

Global Settings

These are settings that are not stored with each entry for site information.

Max Log Entries - This is the maximum number of log file entries that will display on the client screen.  If the main program is set up to show fewer than this amount, then it won't send all of them initially, however the items in the clients log won't be deleted until it hits this maximum.

Tray Icon Type - This lets you set how the icon on the bottom right side of the screen will behave.  You can set it to flash when there is activity, to never flash, or not to display the icon there at all.

Max Snapshots - This is the maximum number of snapshots to show on the main window.  Once it hits this maximum, the oldest snapshots will be removed in order to keep it at this max.

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