Customer Reviews

"I am very pleased with the performance of the Home Domination software - especially after several years of flaky X10 software experience. Thanks so much for this great software."

-- Don Kroitzsh

   Plymouth, Vermont


" In all my years of dealing with web based companies, I have never encountered any that can match your enthusiasm or "Beyond the call of duty" support."

-- Ted Ellison


"Your Home Control program is working great! Very dependable. Have not missed a trigger since I began using your software with a CM11A controller. After 10 months of trying to use SmartHome I gave up and sold it all on Ebay."

-- William McKenzie

   Rockford, Illinois


"I can tell you that in my experience, your software is one of the best. Many are absolutely horrid. I also do not understand why Active Home distributes such poor software. God help the little old lady who wants to program something."

-- Mark Benedict, PhD

   Chamblee, Georgia


"I've had a chance to try out your software and - thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Why can't the big corporate guys get it right like you have (Smarthome, ActiveHome, etc.). Just so you know - I am so in heaven with a functioning automated house now, that I wanted to pay you more for the software than the small amount you're charging. So, my way of paying you for all your hard work was to do a quantity of 2 for the package that I would use. It's not much extra, but maybe enough to take your family out to dinner or something. Thanks again for HD - I'll obviously be in touch!"

-- Pete Roy

   Denver, Colorado


"I play with X10 programs all the time, and keep going back to this one. Great program - nice and clean."

-- John Kindred

   Rigby, Idaho


"Wow!  Up and running in about 20 minutes and works like a charm.  Very stable as well.


This program was well thought out with the ability to multiple add sensors and switches (devices) and the macros are just as easy to use and very flexible.


I will not be trying out automation software any longer - this is the one!


Well done Mr. Strand!"

-- Neil Sisman

   Ontario, Canada


"After downloading around a dozen demos for X10 modules, it's great to know that the only one that worked with my Windows XP64 was created right here in Wisconsin. Go Cheese Valley!"

-- Don Schrank

   Baraboo, WI


"This software really rocks! I am having a ball...The software has been rock solid. It works where others simply don't."

-- Jon Kellum

   Hartfield, VA


"Home Domination has been a pleasure to use.  I had one installation problem, but the replies to my e-mails were very responsive and helped me get things going. I control my X10 cameras with HD.  Unlike other control software I have tried, this program works! It takes a little time to setup at first, but I like the complete control the software gives me over every aspect of my X10 setup."

-- Matt Tucker

   Escondido, CA


"I have had a wonderful experience with Home Domination. The functionality is all there and the interface is kept simple. Other applications that I have seen have a more complicated interface. Support responds quickly, too!!"

-- Kirby Bell

   Orlando, FL

"Your HD program is really, really cool...Thanks for what is clearly a LOT of hard work on your part. Nice, nice, nice!"

-- Fred Smith

   Athens, GA


"SIMPLE and Functionally 'perfect'.. a 30+ year programmer, I appreciate the hard work!!!"


-- Bob Cybulka

    B & L Software Services


"For several months now I have been using a mini controller that I purchased from Radio Shack. As I installed more and more sensors and switches I outgrew the controller and started looking for software. After spending so much money on hardware I had very little funds left to purchase software. I first chose the Activehome with the cm11a and thought I would give it a try.  The Activehome arrived and I tried to install it. It would not install. Something to do with XP Sp2 doing away with the ability to run 16 bit software and I gave up on trying to fix it with the instructions from Microsoft. I had already run across the Home Domination website the day before so I went back and downloaded the demo. I wouldn't give this program up for anything. It's been running about a week now and everyday I come up with a different macro that I add to my system. With a few sensors and switches you can do many things that I know I could not have done with the Activehome. The correspondence is great too, as e-mails are answered quickly from suggestions I had and questions on the software. The best thing about all of this is the great price. I have researched different software programs over the last month I have not found anything that can touch this one. Thanks a million."


--Fred C Blackmon

  Katy, Texas



"This is by far the best software I have found, they constantly update it to stay up to date and their support is grade A+. It's very easy to use, well it's just plain cool, all you X10 users, this is the stuff, this software rocks."






"I have always been interested in automation, (even before my 20 years with IBM) and recently had a need to automate a pump that was costing me a fortune to run.  That rekindled interest in automating my house, and I found your program.  It's absolutely EXCELLENT!  Home Domination is just too cool!"


-- Craig Sharp

    Information Services Technician

    City of Monroe



"I have used Home Domination for close to a year.  Prior to finding Home Domination, I looked and looked for a good software solution to control all my X10 devices and never found a solution that was given the attention in development and also allowed for the multitudes of setup capabilities.  Home Domination is a Great Solution for the Novice that can grow with you as you decide how you want to change your setup(s).  Great Product folks!  Thanks for thinking about all of us out in the real world."


-- Bill Machia, N3HTJ

    Pasadena, Maryland



"I love your program - - so much better than Activehome!"


-- Larry Shafron

   Dallas, Texas



"Your software looks excellent.  So far I can see this is MUCH better than Homeseer, there are more comprehensive controls, without being over complicated, I managed to work out how to use it without any instructions."


-- Derek Tweedie

   United Kingdom



"This is amazing software.  It has so many features and things that are so well thought out."


-- David J Morgan

   Morgan Communications



"Home Domination is certainly the most versatile interface between PC's and X10.  What a great feature-packed program!"


-- Fr. Rory Pitstick

   Our Lady of the Valley


"It's powerful and reliable. I can monitor multiple house codes and the unlimited macros give me a significant amount of control. The network client is reliable and lets me monitor and control from anywhere."

 -- Henk Boese

    Professional Computer Services

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