Whether you encounter a minor dilemma or a catastrophe, or the inside of your head feels like this picture, you've come to the right page.  Here you can download the latest version of the main program or the remote network client, get answers to frequently asked questions, view the online help or get lots of other info.  Check out our forum too.  There hasn't been a lot of activity there yet, so please post a message to help get it going!


Download - Download the main program or the remote network client.

Frequently Asked Questions- See answers to frequently asked questions

How To - Click here if you're not sure how to do something with the program.

Online Help - Online help that comes with the program.

System Requirements - Click here to find out about the system requirements.

Hardware - Click here to learn about what hardware you need to do to get started.  

X10 Information - Click here for help with installing your X10 devices or to find links to other helpful sites.

Bulletin Board - Post messages on the Home Domination Forum, or look at other messages that have been posted.

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Contact Us - Email the support department or other departments.

 If you're wondering if the program can do something, make sure you check out the "What can it do?" page.  If you are having a problem with the program, and are able to run it, click the "Email Support" on the main control window of the program, then follow the instructions below for the email content.  This option will automatically send your data file as an attachment so it can be used to determine the cause of your problem.  If you are not able to use that option for some reason, then please email.

Please include as much detail as possible, including a detailed description of the problem, the version of Windows that you are running it on, approximately how much memory is on your system, and any other information you feel is pertinent.  If you want us to email you at a different address than the reply to address, please include that info as well.

Email support is free.  Currently we do not have phone support available, but please include the phone number where you can be reached if you want us to be able to contact you in case we feel it is warranted.  

If we add phone support, there will likely be a fee for direct phone support, however email support will remain free.  If you think direct phone support is a service you would utilize despite the fee (probably $100 per hour with a minimum charge of $25), please email and we'll consider it.