What Can It Do?

To answer this question, it's almost easier to say what it can't do.  But if I did that, you may not think of everything.  So here's a partial list of things you may consider doing with this program.  Keep in mind though that it's mostly limited by your imagination.  And if you can imagine something that can't currently be done, then please email.  More than likely it can do what you want, and even if it can't, we make changes to the program frequently, so there's a good chance we can make it do what you want.

Keep in mind, these examples are using specific information so they are more clear, but you have the flexibility to change the details of any of these examples.

Home Alone

Maybe your kids are still in school, and they're old enough to be home alone between the time they get home from school and you get home from work.  You know they're good kids, but don't you worry that something might go wrong where they are not able to call you?  Or maybe they're little hellions and you're really not comfortable with them being home alone, and nobody in their right mind will watch them.  Well, in either case, this is the program for you.  If you have an Internet connection that stays up all the time, like a cable modem or a DSL line, then you can easily monitor your home and your kids from work.  You can install the optional client program at work, and set up macros on the system at home to alert you if there is no motion when motion is expected, or alert you when motion is detected when there isn't supposed to be any.  (Maybe your bedroom is off limits but they want to find out why.)  You can also set up video cameras in strategic places throughout the house so you can tell just who is triggering the motion sensors.  The network client program can be minimized to a single icon on the bottom right of the computer, so with the macros that can monitor sensors for you, you can concentrate on work, and a message box will pop up if something abnormal is detected.  Then you  can open up the program, check the video and the log or call home and ask what's going on.  If they tell you something that's inconsistent with the log of motion senor activity, then you'll know if you need to worry or not.

Home Security

So you don't have kids, or you want to make sure nobody is in the house before the kids are supposed to get home.  Well, with the same network client, you can be alerted when motion is detected when none is expected.  Then you can check the video to see if it's your wife home to get something or if it's an intruder, in which case you can call the police.  And you'll have hard evidence with exact time of the break-in and snapshots of the intruder.

Scene Lighting

Perhaps you want certain rooms to light up and maybe dim the lights automatically at certain times of the day on certain days of the week. This is called scene lighting. Maybe you have different lighting needs for holidays.  Maybe you want your lights do really weird things on Halloween.  Or maybe turn on some spooky music when someone comes to the door.  Macros can be set up to trigger on a certain time every day, or only on certain days, or even only on certain holidays.

Automated Lighting

Do you have some rooms that you would like to be lighted right when you walk into the room?  You can set up a macro to monitor a motion sensor and turn on the light as soon as motion is detected.  Then when no motion is detected for a period of time, it will turn the light off.  You can use combinations of triggers too, so you can make it so you this will only happen on certain days or certain times of the day.

Forget Me Not

When you leave the house, do you ever worry that you may have left a light or an appliance on?  Well, as long as the light or appliance is connected to an X10 device, you can set up a macro so that when no motion is detected anywhere inside the house, it will turn all lights off. 

Who goes there?

Ever wonder if you've had visitors while you're gone?  With a motion sensor and a video device on the front of your house, you can create a macro to snap a picture or a video segment so you can find out who was at the door.  And with the network client installed at work, you can also have it alert you so you can find out right away who's at the door.  You can even have it play a prerecorded message for them if you like!

Happy  Birthday!

Ever forget to email people on their birthdays?  Not anymore!  You can set it up a macro to send an email on their birthdays.  You can have it cc you too so you're not too confused when they call to say thanks for the nice message.  Of course emails can be triggered by anything.  And you can buffer email segments so you can have many macros adding messages to the email throughout the day and then have it send it to you at a certain time.

Home Sweet Second Home

Do you have a cabin or a second home?  You can easily keep tabs on that too using the network client or the video add-ons.  Not only that, but you plan on going there, you can remotely start a macro that will get everything ready for you when you arrive.  Or just turn things on and off individually as you feel like it. 

16 Isn't Enough

Maybe 8 is enough, but 16 isn't nearly enough.  At least not when you really get into this home automation stuff.  X10 only provides 16 unit codes per house code, and a lot of control software will only let you use one house code.  But this one lets you use as many as you like all at once.  Do be kind to your neighbors though and only use what you need.