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StrandControl, LLC is based in Eau Claire, WI, USA.  

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Harry Strand is the driving force behind Home Domination and StrandControl, LLC.  Shari Strand is his very tolerant wife who puts up with the testing of the program and general shenanigans.  Please email if you have positive feedback, and please email some politician somewhere if you have negative feedback. They're probably more used to hearing it.  Just kidding.  If you don't like something, I need to hear it.

These pictures were taken by Home Domination via a web cam.  The one on the right was taken remotely after being surprised by a nice message and a romantic song triggered by her adoring hubby (the weird dude on the left).

The following pictures were done by my daughter, who's quite the budding artist:

And the following caricatures were made by my equally talented son.  Pretty good likeness, wouldn't you say?  He's got a website too, so check it out at www.scottszone.com