X10 & Home Automation Links

- Supplier of X10 devices such as switches, video and security devices.

Circuit - Online store with a nice assortment of electronics gizmos that work well with USBmicro devices. - Distributor of lots of home automation devices including many X10 compatible devices. - Online store with lots of cool home automation stuff. - Lots of X10 articles, tips, ideas and links - A very comprehensive list of home automation links - Home Automation Product Guide - This online store specializes in X10 products and home automation packages. Many useful links and much information about home automation and x10 technology. Best prices, Huge Selection, Same-Day Shipping, Corporate Credit and Free Technical Advice and E-mail Support. - Comprehensive Home Builder Web Directory

asiHome - Products and solutions for the intelligent home - This is an excellent source of technical information for X10 devices including how to modify X10 devices to make them function better or differently.  So if you're a very techy person and not worried about possibly burning your house down if you screw up, this site is for you!

Links for Other Compatible Equipment - USBmicro is the manufacturer of U401, U421, U421-SC3 and U451 USB interface devices.  These are really nifty devices that you can use to control direct wired devices and attach 1-Wire temperature sensors (DS18S20, DS18B20 and DS1822).  Home Domination fully supports the U401,  U421, U421-SC3 and U451 devices.  The difference between these are only the physical layout, so they will work with Home Domination without specifying which one you are using.  No driver needs to be installed in order to use this device.  Just plug it in, and Home Domination will automatically detect it on startup.  You can plug in and use as many of these as you like. - The DS18S20 and DS18B20 temp sensors are available here.  The DS18S20 will report the temperature in .5 degrees Celsius.  The DS18B20 reports the temperature in 16th degrees Celsius.  Home Domination supports both of these and handles conversion to Fahrenheit (if desired).  Home Domination auto detects which type of sensor is attached, so there is no need to specify which on you are using.  Solder up to 16 of these to the U4x1 boards from USBmicro.  In Home Domination, you just go to Device Setup, add each temp sensor, and choose which pin on the U4x1 to use.  If you have more than on U4x1 device, you can simultaneously use 16 temperature sensors on each of them. - JV Digital Engineering makes the XTB-232 ( which is supported in Home Domination as of build 193 using the CM11A support.  They also make X10 signal booster/repeaters and an X10 signal meter. - Linear Actuators...Now available in the UK, Firgelli Automations have finally arrived in Europe.  Based in Manchester, they sell online a huge range of linear Actuators.  Just think of the fun you could have with these when controlled with Home Domination and one of the USBmicro controllers! - Supplier of the ADLINK ACL-7122 144-CH Programmable Digital I/O Board that is currently supported by Home Domination. - Home page of the RedRat device that may eventually be supported by Home Domination.

Personal Links

Online-Kiosks.Net - This is a wonderful product under development by Mike Strand (please check out the description below too). - Harry Strand teaches Taekwondo here in Eau Claire, WI. - This is the website of local computer god, and best friend of Harry Strand for the past 30 something years, Henk Boese. - Home page of a budding young artist / comic book guy:  Some of his work will be on this website soon. - Another of Mike Strand's fine Web sites. - Mike just can't stop making web sites.

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