Remote Network Client Add-On

The network client lets you control the main program from other computers on your network or from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.  This is an add-on module that is enabled with an authorization code.  Any version of the product will give you a 30 day demo once you turn on this feature under Setup / Remote Access.

Check out the following features:

  • See and use the main console, with live data, from anywhere in the world using TCP/IP.  Monitor the activity log, video stills (with video add-on feature), and control switches too.  This was tested successfully from China!

  • Auto reconnect if the connection is lost

  • Security features make sure that only you, or those you allow, can access your home remotely

  • Set up unlimited password protected users accounts

  • Set up different access rights for each user

  • Create macros to alert individual users of an occurrence