Home DominationTM lets you have access to your home from anywhere in the world, but don't worry, only those you allow will be able to do the same.  You can set up any number of users that are allowed access to your system, and decide how much access you want them to have.  So nobody without a user and password will be allowed access unless you choose to not set up any user accounts.  

You can set it up so that only certain people are allowed to control switches, where others may only have authorization to see what's going on at your house (long distance house sitting perhaps).

If you don't like entering passwords but you do want to make sure anyone accessing it remotely needs  a password, you can set it up so that it will automatically log in as a particular user when it first starts up.  This user could be set to not have authority to change anything too.  Then when you need to change it, simply log off and log in with a user id and password that is set up with change authority.