Video Add-On

A video source can be any video device that supports DirectX.  Generally these are plugged into a USB port.  X10 video devices usually share one USB port and the video device being viewed is controlled by sending X10 codes.

This is an add-on feature that is enabled with an authorization code.  Any version of the product will let you evaluate it for 30 days once you add a video source under Setup / Video.

Check out the following features:

  • You can purchase support for an unlimited number of video sources.

  • The main control panel is capable of displaying two video sources simultaneously, provided they each have their own USB input device.  

  • Still pictures (or video clips - soon) can be created manually from the main screen or from the remote network client, or automatically via macros.

  • View video still photos and snap new ones on demand.

  • View live video on the main console for any video device.

  • Snapshots are stored to your hard drive and can be automatically deleted based on an age limit or total size limit.