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Main Control Program

Download Main ProgramThis download contains both the main control program and the remote client program.

If you've already purchased the program and entered the code you were given, then when you run this, it will update the program and you won't be required to re-enter the code.  If you haven't purchased the product, this will act as a fully functional time limited demo.  That means that you're free to have fun until the time expires.  Not only that, but you also have free access to all of the add-in modules for that period of time!  This also includes the remote client program.

Download ClientThis download includes only the remote network client program, so it's smaller (the above download includes everything). 

This allows you to control the main program either from another location on your network, or from anywhere in the world via the Internet.  You may install this on as many machines as you like, however if you only have one remote network client license, then you won't be able to access the main program from more than one location at a time.


Download ClientBeta and Alpha versions are also available.  Many times, these may be the same version.  When a new version is made, it is first released as Alpha.  This is the most up to date version, so some bugs may be fixed or new features added that are not available in the Beta or Release builds, however, it is also the least tested and therefore could have new bugs.  If you're willing to take a risk, you can go ahead and load the Alpha version, but otherwise, you should generally stick with the release version unless there's a feature or bug fix that you can't live without.  If you do use it and want to later go back to the release version, you can just install the release version again, however you may need to use a back up copy of your control file (.xic file).

Download ClientAfter we're relatively sure the new version is better than the release version, we release it as a Beta version.  A beta version is generally more tested than an Alpha version, but there still could be new problems, which aren't present in the release version, that we didn't run across yet.  After a version has been in beta for a while and we haven't gotten any reports of serious new bugs, then it is promoted to the release version (which is available via the links at the top of this page).

You can also download the remote client only version of each of these with the following links:


Version Info:

The latest Release version is Version 2.0, Build 192, compiled on 9/29/2010.  

The latest Beta version is Version 2.0, Build 192, compiled on 9/29/2010. 

The latest Alpha version is Version 2.0, Build 193, compiled on 1/8/2012. 


Release Notes Since Latest Release Build:

Ver 2.0 - Build 193 (1/8/2012):
- Made a change to the CM11A support code so it will also work with the XTB-232.

Click here to see the release notes for the latest release build.


If you're having problems with one of these builds, you may need to try another one.  A release version is the most time tested version, however it may not be the best version since it may contain bugs which may be fixed in a Beta or Alpha version.  However sometimes new bugs are introduced, so an Alpha or Beta version may not be the best in that case. 

The bottom line is that if one doesn't work, you can always try another.  For any version, you can install it right over the top of an existing one, and you won't lose any saved data and you won't have to re-enter your security code.

If you're interested in using Home Domination for the CM15A or the CM19A, please click here for some important information.

Here's one more version you can try, just in case the other options fail you.  This isn't recommended because it's old and there have been a ton of bugs fixed since then, but it was compiled with a different version of the compiler, so it's possible it may work where the others fail.  But this version will not work on Vista.

Don't forget to check the Vista Survival Guide if you're having problems using Home Domination in Vista.

Instead of wasting time trying version after version, you could also try contacting technical support.

If you have an older computer that the latest release version just doesn't run correctly on for some reason, you can try this XP Only version.  It won't work with Vista, and some features and a lot of bug fixes are missing compared to the latest release version though.  But it still should be quite functional.  This version is Version 2.0, Build 166, compiled on 4/27/2007.  THE RELEASE VERSION SHOULD WORK WELL ON XP, SO TRY THIS OUTDATED XP ONLY VERSION ONLY IF THAT VERSION WON'T RUN ON YOUR COMPUTER.

Download XP Only Version

If you happen to upgrade to a new release and for some reason it doesn't work as well as the previous one, for whatever reason, you can try installing one of the past released versions here, although if you have problems, I would recommend contacting technical support and we'll help you out with it.

VVersion 2.0, Build 186, compiled on 2/24/2010

Version 2.0, Build 184, compiled on 1/31/2010

Version 2.0, Build 175, compiled on 8/11/2008