X10 Controllers

CM11A - The CM11A is an older device.  You need to have a serial port or a USB to RS-232 device in order to use this. This generally isn't a very reliable controller, however Home Domination does a pretty good job of detecting errors and retrying until a command is sent properly, and if the incoming data gets out of sync, Home Domination can re-sync so it will never be locked up.  The best way to get a CM11A (or CM12U in the UK) was to purchase the ActiveHome kit from , however this was discontinued a while ago.  However, the XTB-232 is supported using the same CM11A interface in Home Domination as of build 193.

XTB-232 - This is a serial device that emulates the CM11A, however it outputs a stronger signal and deals with collisions better.  A collision is where more than X10 device tries to communicate on the power line at one time.  This is sold by JV Digital Engineering.

W800RF32A - This is a serial device that will receive X10 RF signals from X10 remotes and motion sensors as well as X10 security system devices.  It has great range and has the additional benefit of not putting additional signals on the electrical line, which can increase the likelihood of collisions.  This is sold by WLG & Associates.

CM19A - This is a controller that uses RF to transmit codes from the computer, so you also need a transceiver (RR501 or TM751) in order for it to work.  This is typically sold with X10 camera equipment.  Home Domination works well with this device, but sometimes it requires that the FireCracker software be running in order for it to work with Home Domination.

CM15A - The CM15A is the newer version of the CM11A.  It has an antenna so it can receive RF signals directly instead of requiring a transceiver for that.  The range of this device is very poor though, so unless your computer is centrally located in your house you may need a transceiver anyway.  But since the transceiver sends codes through your wiring and so does the CM15A, it's fairly likely there will be collisions if both are able to receive the RF signal.  See this page for information about support with Home Domination. 

You can pick up the CM11A, CM19A, or CM15A from .

Any X10 compatible hardware can be controlled by Home Domination.  Another great source of X10 compatible hardware is www.smarthome.com.

Video devices supported include anything that supports DirectX, which is likely most of them.

If you're interested in using a device for controlling low voltage wiring, Home Domination supports the USBmicro U4x1 USB I/O Interface.

Other Interface Devices

USBmicro, LLC manufactures the U401, U421, U421-SC3 and U451, and can be purchased from this web site by clicking Buy Now.  These are USB devices that you can plug in, and they have support for 16 different data pins.  You can plug in and use any number of these in Home Domination.  You can also use these to support 1-Wire temperature sensors from Dallas Semiconductor.  The DS18S20, DS18B20 and DS1822 are supported by Home Domination.  Click here for more info.  For more information on how to directly control devices, click here.

Hardware Possibly Supported in a Later Version

RedRat - www.redrat.co.uk - Here's another cool product which may be supported in a future release.  It appears to be a device that can receive infrared codes from standard infrared remote controls, and can be programmed to send these same signals.  If this works well and if it becomes integrated into Home Domination, it will allow you set up macros that will control your home audio and video equipment (TV's, stereos, you name it), or for that matter, it will let you control anything you like with any infrared remote control.  But before we start integrating with this, we need to get this version out the door.  But if you have an interest in this kind of support, or if you have any experience with the RedRat, please email and let me know.