Temperature Sensor Add-On

The temperature sensor add-on allows Home DominationTM to monitor an almost unlimited number of temperature sensors.  The temperature sensors currently supported are the DS18S20, DS18B20 and DS1822 sensors from Dallas Semiconductor.  These can be connected to a USBmicro USB interface, such as the U401, U421, U421-SC3 or U451.  You can attach multiple temperature sensors to a single data wire.

Home Domination shows the current temperature of each sensor under the sensor tab, and it also can be set up to log the temperature changes every time the temperature changes by an amount that you indicate.

A U401, U421, U421-SC3 or U451 and a DS18S20, DS18B20 or DS1822 temperature sensor must be purchased separately from the temperature sensor add-on (which is a software add-on).  You can purchase the software add-on or the USBmicro devices and a 3 pack of DS1822 temperature sensors on the Buy Now page.  You can get the DS18B20, DS18S20 temperature sensors from www.maxim-ic.com.